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  2. The Russian Empire 1450-1801
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Rare Color Photographs of the Russian Empire (1904-1915)

In the post-Cold War period, Western historians of Russia have worked hard to move beyond the fallacy of the deprivation hypothesis. The achievement of Nancy Shields Kollmann, a former student of Keenan, is to have constructed an interpretation of early modern Russian history based upon this new research. Kollmann's periodization is unusual but effective. She begins in the second half of the fifteenth century as the remnants of the Eurasian Empire of Genghis Khan disintegrated and Muscovy the state ruled by the princes of Moscow consolidated its hold over central Russia, having defeated rival states centered in Novgorod and Tver.

Although accounts of the early modern period typically end with the accession of Peter the Great [], who proclaimed Muscovy the Russian Empire and shifted Russia's geopolitical orientation from the Eurasian Steppe toward Europe, Kollmann ends her account in By incorporating the eighteenth century, she is able to show how the Europeanized empire Peter created represented less of a radical departure from Muscovite traditions than their evolution.

The book combines social, political, intellectual, and cultural approaches and is divided chronologically into three sections. The first is on the historical and geographical background to the rise of Muscovy, the second on the Muscovite Empire through , and the third on the eighteenth century. Each of these sections is divided thematically. There are chapters on geography, foreign policy, politics, ideology, urban and rural society, agriculture, trade and economics, as well as religion, the army, and administration.

Listen to The Early Modern Russian Empire now.

After sending scholars to study religion around the world, Vladimir chose Orthodox Christianity; today, the Russian Orthodox church plays a prominent role in Russian culture and politics, with Orthodox priests even blessing Russian weapons. Its solid stone construction highlights both the modesty and the might of the Novgorodian people.

View image of The Cathedral of St. The Tatars established rule over the Rus land and replaced its democratic society with a feudalist one.

The Russian Empire 1450-1801

This caused the disintegration of the state and the rise in power of the Grand Duchy of Moscow. The conflict between the two medieval states came to a head in when the poorly-organised Novgorodian army accidentally clashed with Muscovite forces in what is called the Battle of Shelon.

Novgorod suffered such losses that its leaders surrendered the once powerful state to Muscovite rule. But the influence of Kievan Rus lingered. The name held strong as Peter I established the Russian Empire and shifted the seat of power from Moscow to the newly founded St Petersburg in the early s.

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Away from the Kremlin walls, small pieces of cultural pride still seep into modern life. No doubt in a country with such broad geographical reach, the origin of Russian culture will continue to be debated. For those in Novgorod at least, the people know their own history and identity are made of legends.

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The Russian Empire , Book by Nancy Shields Kollmann (Hardcover) |

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