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Institutional factors have a direct bearing on the functioning of CBWS and also interact with physical and technical factors to influence their sustainability. The present study attempts to examine sustainability of CBWS to draw policy implications in Indian context Touching the poor: Re-thinking on millennium development goals by promoting participatory governance and local development. Is there any commitment made to reduce poverty? This is evident because 1. The concept of poverty is vague, 2. Less attention is devoted to local institutions and traditional authorities, which are the real agents of local development.

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In African development, less attention is devoted to Identity, political efficacy and expected political participation among nursing students after 25th January revolution. University students' political participation is of great significance to their own growth and it facilitates a country's democratization process. This study was conducted to investigate the relationship of personal and social identity, political efficacy and expected political participation among nursing students after 25th January Revolution of Egypt. The study was conducted at the Faculty of Nursing, This paper aims to put forward the importance of e-governance in achieving sustainable grassroots development in Nigeria.

The emergence of information communication technology has provided opportunity for borderlessness, interconnectedness and de-territorialization of government policies and programmes within the global village. Information communication technology is a necessary political tool set out to reconcile The changing global Public Administration and its theoretical and practical implications for Africa. The paper examines the role of tobacco interest groups in obstructing the adoption of tobacco control policies in developing countries using the interest groups and global advocacy network theories.

Specifically, it combines expert interviews with review of secondary materials to examine the strategies to promote the adoption of a tobacco control law in Ghana.

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This study finds that the adoption of the voluntary Immunities and privileges of International Organizations and the international civil service. A fundamental principle of public international law and the law of the international civil service bestows a certain degree of immunity and some privileges to members of the international civil service those serving in the United Nations system. Therefore it follows that negligence of a member of the international civil service cannot be judged at the same level as that of a member of the public, particularly in Public administration has always been the tool available to African governments for the implementation of developmental goals and objectives.

It is seen as being crucial to the growth and development of African economies. To this end efforts have been made in many African countries to increase efficiency through decentralization, restructuring and privatization.

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This paper aims to study planning and managing process of development projects in Bangladesh. It unravels the institutional inadequacies and challenges in planning and managing procedure. The deductive nature of the study has been conducted through explanatory research design.

The key to a triumphant project is planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing that ought to do when embarked on any kind of project Human resource is one of the most important components of health systems. Support for human resources planning for health ranks low on the health policy agenda of many national governments and international agencies. The aim of this study is to present various existing methodologies for estimating the health manpower requirement and forecasting approaches and to discuss some of the methodological challenges, their The importance of commitment of employees to their organizations is evident in the volume of research that continues to be conducted on the subject and in the research findings that have linked high levels of commitment to favourable organizational outcomes.

Paradigms and Public Sector Reform: Public Administration of Bhutan

Factors that lead to differential levels of commitment appear to differ from one context to another. For this reason, each organisation should periodically Advocating for direct revenue allocation to Nigerian Local Governments: A catalyst for national development. The issue of revenue allocation remains very volatile and constitutes a major source of political and governmental tension in Nigeria. The paper strongly advocates for a direct revenue allocation to Nigerian local governments; it also identifies In case of India, if its development and growth is compared with other nations, who were once just as developed as India was, we found that India has not been able to transform itself into a developed nation that it could have done by now.

The reason behind this is not just slow Corporate governance and its potential implementation in Egypt in light of international experiences. Governance has appeared similarly to other terms such as privatization and globalization. The corporate governance concept has had a great importance due to the financial declines and economic crises which several states have witnessed in the money markets and corporations located in a number of states in East Asia, Latin America and Russia during the s of the twentieth century.

Furthermore, the US It is also inspired with and follows of an extra-discursive order which causes the dialectic between power andknowledge. During the years following the fall of the Berlin wall in the city of Leipzig in the former East Germany was facing considerable urban challenges. Vacant housing and derelict lots could be found everywhere.

The population was shrinking and Leipzig became known as a perforated city.

Paradigms and Public Sector Reform

When we look at Nigeria and her democratization process, we must realize that democracy in its current form is largely a Western concept. Democracy building on the part of the US outwards is a classic example of globalization. The paper adopts two theoretical perspectives of Public procurement system and e-Government implementation in Bangladesh: The role of public administration. Since the adoption of privatization as an economic policy reform in , public procurement by contractual means in Bangladesh has been increasing day by day. Objective of this paper is to discuss the e-Government Procurement implementation and recommends measures to be adopted in public procurement system in Bangladesh.

Study methodology included bibliometric analysis, literature and archival document Reviewers Reviewers Guidelines. Editors Editors.

40 Years of Public Management Reform - Professor Christopher Pollitt

News All News. Conferences All Conferences. Public Adm. Policy Res. View: All Sort by: Date. June Evolution of the public private partnership ppps and its application in down market urban housing in Kenya The State Department of Housing in Kenya puts the housing demand in the country at , housing units per year, while actual supply is 50, units p. May Strengthening local government through participation and leadership: Bangladesh perspective Active participation and effective leadership are two accepted substantial objects of a well-functioning local government, without those ingredients, governance of local government intuitions cannot be contented to its founding purpose.

April Is it more than a trade war? Author s : Peter W. November Value chain and local economic development in the shai-Osudoku district assembly of Ghana: The experience of the Asutuare rice farming project The article sought to discuss the impact of value chain development and local economic development among rice farmers in Asutuare in the Shai-Osudoku District Assembly of Ghana. October A comparative corporate governance mechanism This paper presents an analysis of the connection between management and governance.

September Administrative impact of restructured provincial administration on selected aspects of maintenance of law and order in Kenya in to A case study of Bomet county The aim of this study is to investigate the administrative impact of Restructured Provincial Administration RPA as independent variable on maintenance of law and order as dependent variable in Bomet County, Kenya from to September Designing innovative pro-poor healthcare financing system in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Eritrea This study attempts to develop a pro-poor health care financing system for Eritrea.

August The travail of service delivery and developmental failure in post-independence Nigeria Given the increase in public demands for socio-economic and developmental services, along several plans and resources committed to public services by Nigerian government, poor service delivery has continued to bedevilled development in post-independence Nigeria.

May Psychological contract fulfillment and its implication on performance of employees: The case of Asanko Gold Mine, Ghana This study attempts at providing knowledge and further understanding into issues of Psychological Contract Fulfilment PCF and its implication s on performance of employees at Asanko Gold Mine. January Bureaucratic structures and organizational performance: A comparative study of Kampala capital city authority and national planning authority Uganda has experienced reasonably good economic and institutional performance for over a decade which has been partly explained by the implementation of public sector reforms including the restructuring of public institutions, creating new agencies, and decentralization with the view to rationalize delivery of services Republic of Uganda, November Democracy, good governance and development in Nigeria Contemporary debates on democracy, good governance and development are greatly inspired by the significant political transformations that have taken place in Africa.

May Once the bubble bursts: An overview on the comparison of the Asian economic crisis and the global financial crisis The Asian economic crisis and the global financial crisis had similar roots, which, in both cases, caused widespread instability.

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April Resettlement implementation management caused by hydropower development: A case study of Nam Ngum2 hydropower project in Laos This paper seeks to contribute to the local context and experiences on the resettlement policy and implementation management of the hydropower development projects based on documentary and policy review. March Measuring the performance of the economic infrastructure and competitivenes cluster in Uganda Performance measurement has become a central feature to the efficiency and effectiveness of the government of Uganda especially with increasing accusations from the citizens on deficits in service delivery in the economic infrastructure cluster Energy and Mineral development, Information and communication technology, works and transport.

Public Administration of Bhutan

Author s : Albert Byamugisha and Benon, C. May The evolution of governance networks in a time of crisis. Evidence from the Italian tourism sector This paper contributes to an understanding of the development of governance networks in well-defined space-time contexts.

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April Capital budgeting practices: A comparative study between a port company in Brazil and in Spain This study aims to analyze the capital budgeting practices used in port company in Brazil and another in Spain from a comparative perspective. April Public health management in India: Concerns and options Promoting and protecting health is essential to human welfare and sustained economic and social development.

Author s : Ravinder N. March The role of local self-government institution for deepening democracy at the grass-root level in Bangladesh The structure and function of local government of Bangladesh underwent changes during the British and Pakistani rules as well as there had been several changes made to the structure of the local government bodies in the name of decentralization after independence. January Manpower development, capacity building and service delivery in Ife-East Local Government Area, Osun State, Nigeria The essence of government and administration at local levels is to ensure effective service delivery to the people at the grassroots.

January The politics of language and representative bureaucracy in Ethiopia: the case of Federal Government Building an inclusively representative and equitable bureaucracies in a multiethnic, multilingual and multicultural polity is a challenging phenomenon. Author s : E. December Rule of law in Africa and Asia: Solving the principal-agent problem One may look upon the now unfolding events in Burkina Faso from the point of view of rule of law, interpreted with the so-called principal-agent model in the social sciences.

December The Broad Creek Renaissance Plan: A case analysis Mixed-income developments are becoming a common mechanism to transform public housing in urban communities. December Policy analysis of tourism development in Bangladesh compared with the Bhutanese policy This research is an analysis of tourism policy of Bangladesh which aims at finding out the real problem of the policy and whether its goals and objectives are achievable or not.

Author s : M. November A survey of community based water storage structures and their management in Gujarat, India. Author s : V.

Pande, G. Bagdi and D. October Touching the poor: Re-thinking on millennium development goals by promoting participatory governance and local development Is there any commitment made to reduce poverty? October Identity, political efficacy and expected political participation among nursing students after 25th January revolution University students' political participation is of great significance to their own growth and it facilitates a country's democratization process.