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  1. NSF Award Search: Award# - Spore-Based Designer Enzyme Cascade Biocatalysts
  2. Biocatalysis Research Progress
  3. Organic chemistry and biocatalysis

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NSF Award Search: Award# - Spore-Based Designer Enzyme Cascade Biocatalysts

Skickas inom vardagar. Biocatalysis encompasses the use of enzymes or whole cell systems for effecting the conversion of readily available, inexpensive starting materials to high value products. Enzymes frequently display exquisite selectivity, particularly chemo-, enantio- and regioselectivity, making them attractive catalysts for a wide range of chemical transformations. Enzymes also typically operate under mild conditions of pH and temperature leading to the formation of products of high purity.

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Enzyme catalysts would be widely utilized to perform these chemical transformation processes, as they frequently offer advantages of high yield, high selectivity, high product purity, along with operation at ambient temperature and pressure in aqueous environment at moderate pH.

However, many biocatalytic reactions involve expensive co-enzymes or co-factors and their recycling is essential for the processes to be cost-effective.

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This turns out to be a difficult or expensive process step, thereby limiting the ability to gain the advantages of using enzyme catalysts. Principal investigators Xin Ge and Ashok Mulchandani from the University of California Riverside looked to cellular reactions in nature to develop an approach to circumvent this issue.

Inspired by the substrate channeling phenomena seen in multi-enzyme cascades in nature for circumventing unfavorable thermodynamics and kinetics, the PIs will explore the development of a modular designer biocatalyst platform on the surface of spores, where enzyme cascade is spatially organized with tunable stoichiometry to achieve highly efficient cofactor regeneration. The enzyme system is easy to produce and reuse, and has high stability.

The modular nature of the system will allow easy insertion of the genes of the desired enzymes and control of the stoichiometric ratios on the surface. This collaborative research project is significant as it will lead to development of a novel robust modular platform for designer biocatalysts to address the needs of chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. A number of applications are readily envisioned. The improved catalysts and processes will increase US technological competitiveness.

Meet Our Scientists - Lizzie McCusker - Going Green with Biocatalysis for Crop Protection Solutions

Collectively, the benefits from this research will support efficient, economical and green engineering production of many fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the PIs plan activities which will develop a globally competitive and divergent STEM workforce through the increased participation of women and underrepresented minorities.


Biocatalysis Research Progress

UC Riverside is the minority serving institution with the largest Hispanic student population among all UC campuses. The investigators plan to hire minority graduate and undergraduate students as research assistants for this project. The investigators also plan new curriculum efforts and are collaborating with a local middle school to establish an interactive science program titled Bio- catalysis for clean fuels. Flavonoids have many beneficial health effects, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral, antiplatelet, anti-ischemic, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, estrogenic, and radical-scavenging activity.

Organic chemistry and biocatalysis

However, their practical applications are often strongly limited due to low solubility and stability in hydrophilic media. Biocatalysis and biotransformation of flavonoids have been introduced to modify their structure and increase natural flavonoid diversity, which could alter physicochemical properties and improve the bioavailability and biological properties of maternal compounds. In this paper, biocatalytic structural modification of flavonoids by different kinds of enzymes or microorganism, the process and possible mechanism were discussed.