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Why should we be humble? That the Scriptures command humility should be motive enough, but God in His mercy has given us numerous motives for the cultivation of humility. We should be humble because of the awful consequences of pride. Pride is, of course, the opposite of humility, and the Scriptures present terrible warnings to the proud in heart. Humility mirrors the character of Christ, who described Himself as meek and humble.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Philippians describes the humiliation of Christ in great detail, and the whole purpose of the passage is to encourage humility among believers. Further, the humble heart is the dwelling-place of God. God does not revive proud, unbroken people. First, let us consider God in His greatness, glory, holiness, power, majesty, and authority.

Then, let us consider ourselves in our mean, abject, and sinful condition.

Cultivating Humility: Eight Strategies

Learn to give up self-defense. There is a time when you need to defend your integrity — when the loss of it will ruin your witness or mar the testimony of Christ. But most of the time, we spend way too much time trying to justify our actions. Here is a good test: is this matter a big enough deal that you will lovingly discuss it with the person you are concerned about?

Read Matt.


To truly be a servant means that we not only be willing to take the name and place of a servant but be treated like one. It is in our most unguarded moments that we really show and see what we are.

Choosing the Better Part

To know. Give in to your mate next time the two of you disagree. Be eager to take the blame for mistakes. Biblical Theology. Calvin, John. Charles Spurgeon. Christian Character. Christian Life.

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